Neutral Milk Hotel, Ghost

Lindsay turned me onto these guys a couple of years ago, and I really liked the cut she sent, The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1. But, I sort of forgot about the band and while I was Xmas shopping on Amazon, up the band Neutral Milk Hotel appeared along with that wonderful, “people who bought this also bought nnnnn” where “n” is the variable for what you bought or are buying.

So, I dropped the album on my Spotify playlist and it is kind of fun: Every once in a while a song from the album pops up, like this really nice cut, Ghost.

I like these guys. And, it is fun to have some new shit to listen too. I am a cranky old man: so hard to please.

4 thoughts on “Neutral Milk Hotel, Ghost

  1. What is with these deliberately bad band names? Maybe there’s an explanation, I’m dying to hear it. I like the song and I like the playing, except it takes too long to get going. Call me an old man too, but that’s incidental to the fact that every new song is going up against the catalog of great songs. Anything that holds its own and adds a twist or two is a real accomplishment. This does both.

  2. When I first looked at this, I thought the song was “Neutral Milk Hotel” and the band was Ghost.

    Immediately my thought process was: Ghost? Lawr? Really?

  3. Chocolate Watch Band is an intentionally shitty name and Strawberry Alarm Clock is clearly an answering shitty name. Blame it on acid. Pink Floyd is a good name imo but then there is an element of subjectivity here. What I’m talking about is that ALL the names are shitty these days, or almost all. I do like Death Cab for Cutie.

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