Neon Boys, That’s All I Know (Right Now)

Found this elpee yesterday called the Richard Hell Story. It’s an hour long, the greatest hits if you will. I’m sure I’ve heard this oldie before, but I don’t recall it. Neon Boys were the precursor to the version of Television that Hell was in. I was impressed by Tom Verlaine’s creaky solo, which sounds like he’s playing a cigar box guitar. But he does something with it anyway, and it really elevates the song.

4 thoughts on “Neon Boys, That’s All I Know (Right Now)

  1. No man, it’s primitive but it’s a realized song. I saw Richard Hell comment that for all the talk about his bad bass playing he managed to attract the three most interesting guitar players for a thousand miles around – Verlaine, Johnny Thunders and Robert Quine. Hell’s bass playing is just fine on this from 1974, a demo produced by Brian Eno. I like it better than the album version, more garage but no less melodic.

    • I’m so ground to a nub by the today’s hits shit I’m bombarded with at the gym, I looked it this and thought it should be “Television ft. Bryan Eno.”

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