Song of the Week – These Words, The Lemon Twigs


The Lemon Twigs – teenage brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario — are a cool new band from Hicksville, Long Island. It’s no coincidence that their aesthetic is closely linked to their west coast brethren, Foxygen, since that band’s Jonathan Rado produced their debut album – Do Hollywood.

Today’s SotW is “These Words”, a song about self-identity, by the Lemon Twigs.

The brothers have told how their musician father, Ronnie, weened them on the music he grew up with and loved, primarily the Beatles. He taught the boys to avoid common, simplistic chord progressions and the value of vocal harmonies. Those lessons were learned well judging by “These Words.”

This song has a bit of everything thrown into it. It starts off with a funky piano, synth, bass romp that quickly evolves into a baroque rock power ballad. There’s a little honky tonk piano section in the middle that keeps growing to a massive crescendo of horns and harmony until it returns to the chorus.

Brian and Michael inherited one other thing from their dad… his vinyl record collection. These are boys after my own heart!

Enjoy… until next week.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Week – These Words, The Lemon Twigs

  1. What is with these awful band names? I mean, do they do it on purpose? “No, that’s too good, let’s be The Lemon Twigs?! The Masculine Hygiene Wigs! The Heroin Prigs! The Soviet Migs!”

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