Helmet, I Love My Guru

I’ve never been a big metal fan, but in the dark ages of alt rock I grew to love Helmet. They, along with Come, pounded the head darkly, and I was happy to bang my head along.

I learned today that not only did Helmet play a show in NYC last night, but they have a new album out. I’ve only played a few of the songs, so this isn’t a review, but I get this one. Half the sound is Husker Du, the other half is something bigger and darker, but the combo sounds great, even if the song didn’t grab me the first time round.

Page Hamilton is an excellent and powerful guitarist, and I hope he saves us all from the crap we’re sinking in. Or, to quote Aerosmith, dream on.

3 thoughts on “Helmet, I Love My Guru

    • Yeah, cookie monster vocals suck royally. We have to hash out your metal/hard rock issues sometime. I’m not sure I like what you often call “metal” either.

      I thought that Okily Dokily video was really condescending and downright offensive. Not funny at all, i.e. I don’t care for jazz, but I think I would look pretty ignorant (not that I don’t already) making a “funny” video focusing on what I really don’t understand about it.

      Maybe you get the gist of what I’m saying, maybe you don’t. If not, it’s probably on me.

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