Stars, The Night Starts Here

I listened to a lot of Stars in the middle aughts. And I started listening to this paranoid and challenging pop song again over and over in the last week. I’m not sure why. Not related to the election, I don’t think. It feels like the mound of potatoes in Close Encounters, maybe, but what I know for sure is that this is an amazing band that isn’t rock ‘n’ roll, but also isn’t yer usual pop maunderings. 


One thought on “Stars, The Night Starts Here

  1. What’s fascinating to me about this is:

    a) thump every beat instead of every other and boost the tempo
    b) add some lyrics about “dance” and “my body” etc.
    c) make the video of some oiled up chick swinging her long, braided, wet hair around in slow motion,

    and this would fit right in with most of the total shit I hear and see at Planet Fitness three times a week.

    Groundbreaking, I suppose.

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