Psychedelic Stones

We missed Steve and how. Please come back. Great to see Peter and Lawr as always. Lawr, I think I owe you a nice dinner. Our bet assumed a Hillary win. Now the least you can get out of being outraged two years early is a good meal.

I too am a big Satanic Majesties fan, but on the gotta-be-a-whole-album thing, the jams are pretty useless. They should have put We Love You on it, and this one which was the flipside of Jumpin Jack Flash. We used to play it in my first real band The Slumlords. We also played Citadel in Fun/No Fun but I don’t think we ever played it live.

3 thoughts on “Psychedelic Stones

  1. Excellent song. Why didn’t it make the elpee? I agree that the Gompers jams are kind of weak, but they’re also really good compared to what they could have been. That’s LSD.

  2. I don’t know why, maybe because it wasn’t written yet. Satanic came out at the end of 1967, Jumpin Jack Flash in the summer of 1968. But We Love You, and Dandelion for that matter, had been released. Gomper isn’t terrible, it’s kind of an extension of this one, which has a killer bridge. Nails me every time.

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