The Cyrkle, Red Rubber Ball

What I didn’t know before today was that Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, discovered these guys. He changed their name, and John Lennon suggested alternative spelling.

Plus their biggest hit was co-written by Paul Simon. He still gets royalties.

They played as an opener on many of the Beatles last stadium shows.

After the well ran dry they wrote jingles, and produced Foghat albums. Kind of crazy, like a red rubber ball with spin.

3 thoughts on “The Cyrkle, Red Rubber Ball

  1. The Cyrkle are from my town, Allentown, PA. Pretty sure they’d have to be considered the biggest band ever to come out of Allentown, at least by most measures.

  2. Did a little more research and the four guys in The Cyrkle all graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, some in 1965 and some in 1966. So, technically no, not Allentown. They were also originally the Rhondells, probably adding to the confusion. The main guy moved to NYC after graduating, adding even more to the confusion.

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