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screenshot-2016-10-08-12-16-03A design studio named Dorothy has released a survey of alt-rock music based on the schematic design of a transistor radio that came out in 1954, the year Bill Haley released Rock Around the Clock.

That’s a detail from a much larger image over to the left.

I’m not sure about the information included in the diagram. I mean why do the Ramones lead to Mink Deville lead to Talking Heads.

Why is Elvis Costello in smaller type than the Specials?

Why aren’t the White Stripes next to the Black Keys?

There are many of these questions, which seem to be answered rather randomly. That said, there is a broader logic as to time and place and style, and it’s good fun browsing using the magnification tool. h/t Herrick Goldman.


7 thoughts on “LINK: Alternative Rock Love Blueprint

  1. This is about as satisfying as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


    Black Keys are probably about right where they belong – in the same area as the other White Stripes knockoffs – The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, The Kills and White Denim.


    Explain Big Star’s presence here at all, particularly where they sit.

    Way skimpy and random, especially on old English punk.

    Where are all the loud guitar bands? How do you put the MC5 next to The Stooges and not get The Hellacopters?

    Related: Where is Turbonegro?

    The perpetual question:


      • Turbonegro is Norwegian. Hellacopters would be offended. One of my fave rock lyrics is when the Hellas change the “gonna beat up the next hippie I see” line to “gonna beat up the next Norwegian I see” in their cover of Dead Boys’ “Ain’t Nothin’ To Do.”

  2. You guys ever see this book? It is the awesomest. I found my first copy buy a $.99 stack (they were on the sale table) at Sav On, 35 years ago, but Frame has since upgraded, so I bought a new one (i bought like ten originally, and gave em away, they were so good).

    check it out. you will like: like perusing the Macmillan stat bible.

    • Absolutely remember those and the book. I guess I was too stupid to buy it the first time around, but thank goodness they look to be pretty reasonably obtainable now. Good idea for my Christmas list.

      1993 was the beginning of my playing and exploring country phase so there’s another excuse.

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