Death, “Where Do We Go From Here”

New to me. Detroit youths in 1971 decide to play rock rather than funk. Maybe they took some cues from the Stooges. They say Alice Cooper was a big influence. In 1975 Clive Davis funded recording sessions which yielded seven songs, but he insisted they change their name. They refused and he walked away.

In 1976 the band released a 45 with two songs in an edition of 500 copies.

Life was lived, and moved on. Fast forward 20 years, the children of members of Death form a band playing Death’s songs. They sign with Drag City and the record is finally released. The band reforms, though on original member has passed, and they record a new album and tour. A film is made about them.


6 thoughts on “Death, “Where Do We Go From Here”

  1. Did you watch the movie? Was it good? Been on my “never get around to” movie list for a while.

    The music is pretty good.

    Does the fact that every really hard rocking black band sounds like the Bad Brains to me make me racist?

    • If I knew about these guys I’d never listened to them and forgot about them. Saw that the movie is on Starz this month. It sounds like it should be good. So do these songs.

      Don’t you mean that the Bad Brains sound like these guys?

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