Bob Dylan, “Mostly You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine)”

Blonde on Blonde is so my favorite Dylan album, and it is one of those discs I have really been trying to tear apart lately, focusing on the instrumentation and production, particularly the rhythm section so I can think about how I approach playing the bass.

Dylan always had the killer side musicians for his recordings, which always seemed like fun experimentation in the evolution of the artist’s songs.

Al Kooper, Joe South, Robbie Robertson, and The Band–who at the time were still The Hawks–all played behind Dylan from Highway 61 and into Blonde on Blonde, so for the New York sessions of the album (Kenny Buttrey played for the Nashville sessions), Bobby Gregg took to the kit. Gregg had been a member of The Hawks during a time when Levon Helm was ex-expatriated from The Band.

Gregg is a killer, keeping time, popping his snare, and driving the whole affair and his work on the in your face Mostly You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine) really shows just that. Not there are not other cuts on the disc that display that same elegant push within the pocket. This is just a lesser known cut.

It is really good, though. (BTW, this vid is a remix overseen by the great Mick Ronson).

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