Night Music: Black Crowes, “Hotel Illness”

The Black Crowes came to me at an interesting crossroads of my life. I was just finishing graduate school, while working full time. My son, Joey, was a handful of years old, and I saw the Crowes, touring behind their first album, along with Jellyfish, also hot locally at the Warfield in San Francisco in March of 1992.

A month later I would have a Masters Degree in English, have completed a novel, and my marriage was over.

It was all very strange, and it was a tough time, but it all led to where I am today, and for that I could not be happier.

Anyway, while building up my playlist the other day, I was thinking of songs–just cuts, not necessarily albums–that were fun and this song by the Crowes popped up.

It is indeed a pop rocker, but quite tuneful, and really well executed. And hey, talk about upbeat.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: Black Crowes, “Hotel Illness”

  1. Interesting. The Crowes’ second album came to me at a very transitional time as well. I had just moved to Chicago and started at STATS, Inc. Whereas the debut album had a few highlights and a lot of filler (I thought at least), I thought the second one was kick-ass, through and through. Can’t say I dig it out much these days though; perhaps this will inspire me.

    Lots of bands in this style (talking to you, much more heralded Alabama Shakes – although I guess their latest album broke the mold) have come and gone and sometimes I don’t think Black Crowes get the credit they deserve.

    Really like their live Zep album with Jimmy Page too.

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