Bevis Frond

In my never-ending quest to learn nothing about bands I discover, I learned something anyway. This band is basically Nick Saloman and the odd musician he picks up. He seems to be eclectic in his rock styles but the few other songs I’ve heard fall into the “interesting but hardly compelling” category. But I like this one, basic power pop with folk-rock leanings. Good guitar solo. I even like the lyrics that I can understand.

3 thoughts on “Bevis Frond

  1. If Dinosaur Jr. turned off the distortion, had a baby with Matthew Sweet and got Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton to sing.

  2. Any Bevis and Butthead reference gets my attention. The real challenge here is that there are countless bands who sound just like this. How do you stand out? How do you make your mark? Songwriting, marketing, sex appeal, all matter.

    But the key point is that Matthew Sweet had a sweet career. Did he make a living? Did he change the world? I have no idea and not everyone does. But he wrote some good tunes, cut some nice sides, I’m always happy to hear him.

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