Eno, “Baby’s on Fire”

I was listening to Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy yesterday. It’s the Eno elpee I’ve never owned, and while I like the title I was a little put off by much of the music. Not bad, just hard and brittle for the most part, with lots of Englishy dancehall references.

So tonight I put on Here Come the Warm Jets, which is a great record. But I hadn’t listened to it for a while, and when Baby’s on Fire came on I had to post. It is incredible. Incredible in, like, why did we ever need another rock song after this?

3 thoughts on “Eno, “Baby’s on Fire”

  1. Very strange to me – if anything I think Tiger Mountain is a little better – but what stands out about both albums to me is the sensibility, which is identical. Any song would fit on either album. Anyway, this one ain’t brittle. The melody here is so simple and sweet that it almost has to come from somewhere else. I can’t pin it down, ten points if you can:

  2. I dig just about anything Eno, simply because at worst his methods of pushing the envelope is so interesting.

    I am long on “record” to be a big fan of his 801 project, and so love this. In fact, when I did my album release gig, this was on the set, partially cause I love it, and partially so my band, who are a bunch of killer professional musicians–could cut loose a bit. my stuff tends to be more buddy holly simple.


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