5 thoughts on “Hank Williams III, The Devil Within

  1. I appreciate the Cookie Monster’s enthusiasm, but, probably like you, I could do without him. I’ll second your thoughts though.

    Sorry to keep repeating, but, for as much as all the polished Nashville stars wanna proclaim their allegiance to Hank Williams because it sounds cool, we have the living, breathing, singing and performing epitome of 2016 Hank Williams in our presence and generally no one cares.

    Hank III for the next CMTs!!!

  2. And you are correct sir! That is part of what makes SHW amazing. He’s very articulate, In fact I just read an interview and I swear he quoted something from Orwell’s lesser known work. He’s passionate, he’s a total non-conformist, and unapologetic. He’s different than his dad I think because he seems to understand the human condition on a much deeper level. He’s raw and gritty but sensitive and poetic like his grandfather. I love to read interviews where he’s wide open. He is a musical genius in a way that his father could never get but I think his granddad certainly could.

    • Thank you Caroline. Could you recommend some interviews?

      I totally get how musical genius is there in Hank and Hank III and Hank II somehow ended up an entertainer. Legacy is a bitch.

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