Obit: Bernie Worrell (1944-2016)

Bernie Worrell, the influential keyboard player first for Parliment/Funkadelic, and then the Talking Heads and various cool bands who were clear just how killer Worrell’s playing was, has passed away at age 72.

I was not only lucky enough to catch the Heads on the “Big Suit” tour when Worrell toured with the band, but I also actually saw Parliment at a Lollapalooza in 1994. And, they were unquestionably the best live band I ever saw.

Mind you, I have seen a lot of bands, and as a result a lot of killer sets and performances, but note for note, player for player, no band was as tight and energetic with such a full and powerful sound as George Clinton and his mates.


Check the band out doing Rumpofsteelskin with Bernie on keys, and let by Clinton and Bootsy.  Peace out Brother Bernie…







2 thoughts on “Obit: Bernie Worrell (1944-2016)

  1. Bernie was a big man in his world. Lawr is right on about the George Clinton projects and maybe nobody validated David Byrne’s version of Talking Heads so much as Bernie. Or, as I write, that I have to admit only that what I know is that Bernie Worrell was at all sorts of interesting musical places in the 80s. Keep an eye out for his work and celebrate his legacy. It isn’t obvious, always, but it is substantial.

  2. Missed this story but I did see that Scotty Moore passed away. Different genre, I know. But still great music. I once saw the B52s open for the Talking Heads: Coconut Grove (at the Boardwalk). 1979. Great gig.

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