Chazz Kaster Profile in the Nashville Scene

Who Da Fug is Chazz Kaster? Well, um, the killer guitarist in Hans Condor. The only rock ‘n’ roll band left in this world alive.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 00.13.26Kaster broke up the Condor a few years back because he became a dad, and because he was a dad he became a cop. Weird, eh?

But after some time spent in the Halls of Justice Nashville style, he gave up his badge and went back to bartending.

Plus playing kick-ass guitar in a great rock n roll band with better and cleverer songs than other rock bands.

You can read the profile here.

The odds of me getting to Nashville are slim. The band is in North Carolina this weekend, but that’s no better.

I want to see these guys live. That’s all I can say.

I think you can find most of their recorded work on this site if you search Hans Condor, but here’s a little reprise for those who are wondering what the fuss is about.

Here’s the coda to a tune:

Here’s their excellent music video, supporting their album, with a fine rock n roll song:



4 thoughts on “Chazz Kaster Profile in the Nashville Scene

  1. Oh fuck you the only rock ‘n’ roll band alive. The latest incarnation (granted, far inferior to the Hank incarnation) of Turbonegro is in NYC Sunday and I’m sure you’re not going. Uncle Acid is back in the states in September and I’ll bet you won’t go to that either. Then there’s Witchcraft, Graveyard. . .I can think of more.

    You just gotta dig a lot deeper these days. Or move to Scandinavia.

  2. I only wrote that to see if you were still alive.

    Turbonegro tickets are available for Sunday’s show. Why don’t you come up. If we buy four tix they’re only 15 bucks apiece.

  3. On the flipside, that is a mighty fine, mighty rock ‘n’ roll video. I’ve always (totally serious here) had a special place in my heart for one-chord songs. It takes balls to write a one-chord song. I would love to see Hans Condor as well.

    Back to the fuck you, this morning at the gym, they described some dipshit young singer’s music as “lyrics dealing with insecurities with bouncy, catchy pop music” or some such nonsense. Fuck you to this singer, his promo people and the pumped in music of Planet Fitness.

    Wanna know more about Planet Fitness? I’ve realized their pitch of appealing to out of shape, downtrodden non-athlete types is a double-edged sword for them. Everywhere else I’ve ever worked out, most of the folks I’d see were regulars. I’d see mostly the same people on my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.

    At Planet Fitness, people hang for a week or two, maybe three, then I don’t see them ever again. Brilliant! Not only are there more out of shape folks in the world, but they quit and don’t use the facility shortly after signing up too. Genius, pure genius.

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