More Spotify Fun with The Stone Roses, Ace Frehley, The Mekons, and Mojo Nixon

Not much secret how much fun I am having listening to my Spotify Weekly Playlist. Although, I would like to know the guys that program how our likes and preferences are bounced, and then built the algorithm that crunches my liking Yo La Tengo and Pink Floyd and the Kinks and Bill Frisell, and figures out that I might like the New York Dolls, or Love, or a bunch of other bands I never hinted at?

More interesting, is that over the past two cycles of songs–Spotify drops 30 a week onto a Monday playlist based on the how the company projects what I would like–I have not only loved just about every song, especially in context, but tunes have appeared that I did not know that I am sure would appeal to my Remnants mates.

I was always a Raspberries fan, and I know at least Steve and I were both fans, but how Spotify knew and dropped I Wanna Be With You on the playlist last week, though, is beyond me. But, the next track on that playlist was the ultra fantastic Love Spreads, by the Stone Roses. How that made the equation is even more obscure, though the Roses were a favorite (their debut album might have made my essential 50) but I had not thought of the band in years.

There were more, but this week’s craziness included a song by Ace Frehley, the KISS guitarist whom I would normally dismiss, but this tune, New York Groove, is a pretty good guitar driven pop tune. And, again, I am guessing Steve, who is more traditional in his music listening habits, would at least chuckle at the irony behind this.

This week also gave me a Tom Verlaine tune, Kingdom Come, I did not know and I suspect both Peter and Gene would (if they don’t already) love, and then for fun, the killer (and also new to me) Where Were You by the Mekons, a fave band of Peter’s, came blasting out.

This was with Do You Feel Like I DoJust Dropped in to See What Condition (my Condition Was in)Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You GaveThe Shape I’m In, peppered into the mix, along with this somewhat obscure gem from the past.




3 thoughts on “More Spotify Fun with The Stone Roses, Ace Frehley, The Mekons, and Mojo Nixon

  1. More “traditional” in my music listening habits? Are you fucking serious? Is that because I like early KISS?

    Yep, that’s me for sure. All my friends know me as Mr. Traditional Music Listening Habits.

  2. Sorry, that was vague and ambiguous. I just meant you preferred listening to an album side, or CD straight through rather than streaming a bunch of different stuff. But, I was clearly unclear.

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