3 thoughts on “Seven Songs from the 80s: I’ll Melt With You

  1. Saw these guys open for Roxy Music at Radio City back in the day. They were terrible. This song has a great melody and a great drum bit coming out of the break, but the words are, how you say, from hunger. I mean, I’ll MELT with you? We’ll become one blob of indistinguishable nothing, wow, can’t wait. As metaphors of love go, this one’s gotta go. It’s worse than You Light Up My Life. Paul Anka would have rejected it. It’s funny how all the things Punk railed against came storming back and then some as Post-punk. Next thing you know we’ll be talking about musicianship.

  2. Wow. Absolutely true about meaning of the words, but I love the way they sound, and the drums, and the airiness of the arrangement. These guys were terrible, too, but I dig this song. Bite me.

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