The Wonderful Spotify Weekly Playlist

My partner Diane, of all people, turned me onto an aspect of our Spotify subscription that is dynamite.

Based upon the listeners likes, the system picks out other like artists the brainchild of the system thinks will fall in line with said taste.  I know all the music streams, like Slacker and Pandora, have variations of this, but what Spotify does is simply assemble a weekly list of 30 songs that might pique the listener.

If is funny that Diane found this, since she was skeptical about Spotify, and has very specific musical taste, which means she likes what she likes and there is no explaining it or rationale and that means she likes “I Want to be a Millionaire,” “Thrift Shop,” “Purple Rain,” and “It’s a Long Way to the Top (if You Wanna Rock’n’Roll).” So, don’t ask me to try to connect the dots.

Diane found Weekly Playlist while looking for one to stream while she was at the gym, and said it was really fun. so I plugged in three weeks ago and it knocked me out.

As in I am not sure how they profile us, but they got me nailed based upon my favorite artists listed of The Kinks, Richard Thompson, Mick Ronson, The Who, Yo La Tengo, Bill Frisell, Joe Jackson, Pink Floyd, and Wilco.

So, here is the list of 30 songs for this week (Spotify seems to change the list every Monday) I streamed on my way to and from the links the past couple of days, some of which I know and love, others which are new and I dig, all of which are great.

  1. The Ballad of El Goodo-Big Star
  2. Cocaine-Jackson Browne
  3. When the Circus Comes-Los Lobos
  4. LA Freeway-Guy Clark
  5. Heroes and Villains-Brian Wilson
  6. Grass-XTC
  7. The Sky Children-Kaleidoscope (whom I saw open for Buffalo Springfield in 1968)
  8. Things-Paul Westerberg
  9. Lover of the Bayou-Mudcrutch (Tom Petty’s first band)
  10. Season of the Witch-Al Kooper
  11. Dominance and Submission-Blue Oyster Cult
  12. Girls Talk-Dave Edmunds
  13. Heaps of Sheeps-Robert Wyatt (which I did not know, really liked, and posted below)
  14. Space Cowboy-Steve Miller (and a coincidence Gene linked to it a few days back)
  15. Showdown at Big Sky-Robbie Robertson (from a killer album)
  16. Nothing but the Wheel-Peter Wolf
  17. Funky But Chic-David Johanson
  18. Next-The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  19. Go Down Gamblin’-Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  20. Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix
  21. I Ain’t Superstitious-Jeff Beck
  22. Dirty Water-The Standells
  23. I Fought the Law-Bobby Fuller Four
  24. Black Cat Moan-Beck, Boggart, Appice
  25. Turn it On-The Flaming Lips
  26. Big Sky Country-Chris Whitley
  27. Hush-Deep Purple
  28. Sweet Dreams-Roy Buchanan
  29. East-West-Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  30. Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel-Townes Van Zandt

Perfect, huh? All over the map, and totally satisfying. And, give Heaps of Sheeps a listen!



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