3 thoughts on “Jeff Beck, You Know What I Mean

  1. Great choice of a collaboration between a pair of fantastic artists. I always think of Frisell, Thompson, and Ronson as my faves but Beck is right there with them “Truth” be told.

  2. I refuse to post the America album that was also produced by George Martin, but I bet it was their best. And Seatrain. Just goes to show: the man got the best out of his charges, but it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that thing. Some of the eulogies imply that Martin made the Beatles. No. The Beatles made George Martin. RIP.

  3. Disagree, Gene. They made one another, and once they got into a groove, it was symbiotic. Beatles fueled George, George fueled Beatles, and on an on. No disrespect to anyone. They were all geniuses.

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