3 thoughts on “Sun Ra Arkestra, Take the A Train

  1. Love the hat. I saw these guys at Forest Hills, an all-day Louis Armstrong tribute concert in the mid-70s. They were wild, breaking into and out of dixieland/free jazz. Also remember Ella Fitzgerald, Archie Shepp and John Mayall. I looked it up but can’t find any info.Here’s a good one from Archie. I like this stuff much better when the music is grounded and has at least a hint of the blues.

  2. I like this! But I don’t know one I don’t like. Archie is a man of nuance. The Archie Shepp tune I immediately associate with is Attica Blues. Kind of like the Temptations at their most radical, with Motown out of the picture, but shaping it all. https://youtu.be/pEHuDSc9StM

  3. I remember hearing Attica Blues on the radio. I had the impression it was a hit of sorts but wikipedia doesn’t list its chart position. Guys like Shepp deserved a hit or two, so fiercely committed to music that so few ever cared about.

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