2 thoughts on “The Three Stooges

  1. 1) I tried an experiment – I had my 13-year-old daughter watch this. She so much didn’t want to laugh but by the time the butler serving drinks got hit, she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

    2) Gotta love the sound effect of the flying pie making contact.

    3) The tall chick in the dark dress is HOT!!!

  2. I love the French refer to them as “les trois imbeciles.” their stuff does get old, but in small doses, killer. and, well, “Curlington” is sort of like Chico Marx to me: the unsung real genius.

    Somehow this reminded me of this clip of Arsenio Hall from the very funny (and erratic) “Amazon Women on the Moon” which has a lot of SNL stuff and folks before they were famous (Rosanna Arquette, Steve Guttenberg).


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