Signe Toly Anderson Died the Same Day as Paul Kantner

Screenshot 2016-02-01 14.35.25The chick singer on the first Jefferson Airplane album, Signe Toly Anderson, died the same day as Paul Kanter.

ABC News has a nice story about her. She left the band because it was too hard to tour with a baby, and she had a baby.

Grace Slick joined the band and brought fire and confrontation and hit songs.

But Anderson sung on this one from Takes Off!

3 thoughts on “Signe Toly Anderson Died the Same Day as Paul Kantner

  1. Worst career decision ever. Wonder if her baby had those bushy eyebrows?

    Her name was too stupid anyway. They never would’ve made it. Rhymes with Roly Poly, I would guess.

  2. Don’t write such shamefull words about a woman who you don’t really know. I wonder if you as father toured with a little baby…
    And your additional remarks are abusively!

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