4 thoughts on “LINK: Very Sad About Glen Frey, but the Eagles Were Pretty Bad

  1. Some months ago I heard some people on a call-in show complaining that they didn’t know how the “Fare Thee Well” concerts with what’s left of the Grateful Dead would be. (I know, I know.) The host was getting a little annoyed and said, “If you want a completely predictable concert experience, go see the fucking Eagles.”

    I didn’t hate the Eagles, though “Hotel California” may have been the most-overplayed song of the 20th century.

  2. I didn’t hate them at first, Take it Easy sounded OK on the radio and I quite liked the riff in Already Gone. But they got shitty quickly with all those dripping ballads. And smug, they always sounded smug. This odious trait was good for their best line, however, from a later album but I don’t know which one: “I could be wrong, but I’m not.”

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