HANZ KRYPT: Real Remnants

Hanz Krypt (or HANZ KRYPT) is rockremnants.com.

These guys had big ambitions in the mid 80s, and snagged the lead vocalist from Vermin. The future was written.

Things didn’t work out that way. They’ve posted their elpee on YouTube and it isn’t totally outlandish to call them the American Black Sabbath. That’s how good they sound.

Here’s their YouTube bio:

The band Hanz Krypt was formed in 1984 by bass player Mark Hayes and guitarist Phil Pedritti along with Larry Farkus on guitar. They were soon joined by vocalist Vincent Farrentino who left the band Vermin to join Hanz Krypt. Hanz Krypt has been called the American Black Sabbath. Although they do have a doom and gloom sound, they really sound like no one else.
The band performed throughout Southern California opening for such major acts as Foghat, Robin Trower, and Slayer. Along the way built a strong following and were friends with Metallica, Slayer, and Saint Vitus. Now 20 years later the band has reunited with all original members. The band is set to record a new CD and tour throughout the world. Hanz Krypt look forward to a very exciting new year please check us on Facebook and Youtube.

On the other hand, their most popular song, Rainbow Goblins, isn’t a hit by any means. And the sound of their album isn’t that good. On the other other hand, it sounds pretty rockin’. And I love the stills that make up the video.

The better story here is that a band of rockers, in 1984-1986, find themselves 30 years later, commenting on YouTube about all the hot new stuff they’re going to release. Bring it on!

I don’t mention this to mock their commitment, though objectively it is probably misguided, but to celebrate their sound and embrace of the rock. I love finding a band like Hanz Krypt, a band with history and a big sound, then learning more about those who love them and their sound.

More live video please, Mr. Hanz.



10 thoughts on “HANZ KRYPT: Real Remnants

  1. List of things, as usual:

    1) Yeesh. They sound bad to me. The singer is annoying as hell. Definitely from that time period when hardcore was embracing metal and – I thought, at least – not much good came out of it.

    2) Getting philosophical here, but I think it’s a big problem in society that the message to kids is always, “Keep following your dreams, never give up.” Unfortunately, sometimes one needs to give up. “Things don’t always work out” would be a much better, much more realistic life message.

    3) Peter, you just favor bands that begin with “Han.”

    • a little hard line Steve, but correct. i think in terms of baseball. life is a constant game of adjustments. period.

      not so crazy about this.

      did South Park’s Mr. Hankie have a band?

    • Hanz Krypt is tr releasing their CD tales from the Krypt to be put out by the end og march on sonic age records they have just preformed with Vinnie appice and plans are. In the works for a new video of their new song creeping

  2. You know, I got a little more enthusiastic than I should have up above, mostly because I liked the pictures in their video and the idea that they’re talking about making a comeback now! Or last year.

    I do think if the sound wasn’t so crappy on this recording it would make a much better impression.

    I agree about following dreams, by the way. I’m giving up mine when I turn 80.

  3. Hey jelious scumbags ya Hanz Krypt has been around along time but things change and we are kicking ass harder and doing way better than ever before DOOM ON

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