LINK: Casio MT-40 and sleng teng riddim

casiomt40magshotSeems this simple Casio keyboard contained a preset rhythm track that, some claimed was derived from Eddie Cochran’s Somethin’ Else, or maybe the Sex Pistol’s Anarchy in the UK.

The writer tracks down the musician (a reggae fan) who created it, in 1981, as a rock track, and puts together a long and twisted history of how this single preset ended up being used in hundreds of reggae tunes.

And, it turns out, it was based on a rock song from the 70s, but not Anarchy in the UK. Which one?

4 thoughts on “LINK: Casio MT-40 and sleng teng riddim

  1. Interesting article, but I don’t know the rock song, at least right off the top of my head. I’ll keep an ear out for it though.

  2. At first I thought not All Right Now, but as I listen to the Casio, I’m thinking maybe. Great guess, Gene. Certainly better than the other two guesses. They are poor in my opinion.

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