The Eagles of Death Metal

When I first heard of today’s terrible events in Paris, I was struck by reports that the terrorists had attacked a death metal concert hall. That seemed strange.

But not as strange, maybe, as the fact that the terrorists attacked a historic concert hall that happened to be hosting the fine and funny band the Eagles of Death Metal. This is something altogether different.

The Eagles of Death Metal are a rock band, but a funny one. They play with the rock. This is different than playing death metal. Alas, today they lived with death metal.



2 thoughts on “The Eagles of Death Metal

  1. Glad you posted, Peter, because I wanted to too, but was afraid of offending somebody, somehow with some unintended tasteless comment. Things:

    1) Read conflicting reports last night of one EODM member being killed, others said everyone was safe.

    2) Apparently, Josh Homme wasn’t with them? Kind of weird because he’s the main reason I would go to see them.

    3) Their schtick is doing the most poppy, danceable hard rock ever, which is an interesting idea. As I mentioned before, I prefer Homme’s other projects, Queens of the Stoneage and Them Crooked Vultures, although I’d cheer if EODM cut through the rest of the dismal radio fare.

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