Meet the Spraynards

On the first New Yorker Radio show, the most excellent rock writer Kelefah Sanneh goes to the Philly suburbs and talks to the guys in the band Spraynard.

Now, I’ve only heard the radio segment and my first impression is these pop punk guys are as formulaic as the death metal guys. What’s with that voice dudes?

But the interview is worth a listen, especially since it takes place in a batting cage.

And a listen to an actual song is kind of nice. Those crappy vocals, but good (not stupid) lyrics.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Spraynards

  1. I can’t believe this asshole. He’s 27 and he lives with his parents and he works when he wants and he’s upset that the world is conspiring against his youth? You gotta fight for your right to…be Peter Pan?

  2. I’d like to say at this point I hate pop punk as much as hair metal. But I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t hate it nonetheless.

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