5 thoughts on “What Did Hillary Clinton Know About Fugazi and When?

  1. Weird post, Peter. You’ve gotta go to the last 30 seconds of the Fugazi video to get what we’re supposed to get and I’m still not sure what that is. I’m missing the Hillary Clinton connection completely.

    As for City Gardens, I played there, read the book version of this movie and did a post about it probably about a year ago (perhaps posting the very same clip). Nice reminder though to search out the actual movie as I never did.

    Oh well. See you next week.

    • I think you’re missing the goof, people posting on Twitter about Bhengazi but calling it Fugazi.

      As for City Gardens, I posted it because I thought you’d have a story, but you have already posted it. I can’t find your clip, but whatever. That Kickstarter video is weird, with the emphasis on the danger, and then the emphasis on the postman. Don’t know if the film ever got made, but I do like stories like these.

  2. I never played there. Steve, was there a place in Dover? A big place. must have held 2000 people, with a big stage that was astroturfed. I can’t remember the name but I remember playing to maybe 50 people.

  3. Peter, you’re right. I never did post. Obviously it’s one of the many RR posts I wrote in my head and never transposed to the site. I played there as a member of Dick Destiny & The Highway Kings, opening for They Might Be Giants. This was the night following perhaps the most legendary night in City Gardens history, when Wattie from The Exploited sang “Fuck The USA” and the skinheads pelted him with bottles, spit and anything else they could find. Then they burned The Exploited’s mobile home. We had no idea.

    The movie was made too. Available on Netflix. I haven’t seen it (yet).

    Gene, the only other big place I know in Jersey was Emerald City in Cherry Hill. My story from there is (forgive me if I’ve told this one before – some stories I tell three times, some not at all):

    Went to see REM/Bunnydrums/Gang Of Four (in that order). Got there way early, found a place close by called “Liquor Fair,” loaded up and tailgated in the parking lot to pass the time. Crowded up to the front of the stage (as usual), thoroughly enjoyed “unknowns” REM, then felt sick during Bunnydrums.

    Soon found myself as “that guy” bent over and puking in the filthy bathroom stall as guys yelled at me to hurry up and get the fuck out of there. Credit me for having the wherewithal to be thinking, “shit, now I’m THAT guy” in the heat of the moment.

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