Albert Hammond Jr., “Losing Touch”

I heard this on the radio this morning while parking the car. Hammond Jr. was the guitarist in the Strokes, and he also plays keyboards and writes songs.

The video for this song is opaque and diminishes the tune, I think, so ignore it, but as a commenter on YouTube says, this is like the Strokes with a different vocalist. That’s something to like. As is the chorus, which is big and bountiful.

This version is way better.

3 thoughts on “Albert Hammond Jr., “Losing Touch”

  1. Song is OK. Agreed that the second version is better.

    Albert Hammond is an odd-looking dude. Kind of like if Pee Wee Herman and Matt Berry had a baby.

    It annoys me when guys do Jr. when no one’s heard of the father.

  2. My apologies to Sr. Those other two songs are OK, but Gimme Dat Ding brings back fond memories (definitely not a song one hears on oldies stations). The perfect kind of song a nine-year-old like me thought was super-cool.

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