“New Rock” From CMJ and 1992

The Times art section is full of reviews of bands that played the CMJ music thing a ma bob over the weekend. Throwback lo-fi feedbacky rock with slurred vocals seems to be as much a rage now as it was in 1992

I listened to a song or two by Diet Cig, Destruction Unit, and Weave, without finding anything to talk about.

This tune, by a Toronto band called Dilly Dally, sounds a lot like one of my fave 1992 bands, Come. Twenty three years ago, the plodding rhythm section and the careening guitars, merge with slurred and blurted vocals, to rise up and sound just fine. Nothing exciting here, but this works.

But then, so did Come. And they win.

4 thoughts on ““New Rock” From CMJ and 1992

  1. Both bands sound like they’re trying to do Nirvana with a girl singer. I don’t even know if the second band has a girl singer.

    Fuck them both.

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