Wilson Pickett

I was going to do a Wilson Pickett post, because he seems in danger of falling down the Memory Hole, when I came across this fairly amazing bit of of television from 1969. You guys might remember the post of Tom Jones with Jack White doing Howlin Wolf – it was damn good, right? This is TJ dueting with Wilson Pickett and TJ holds his own all down the line. I’m not exactly a big Hey Jude fan but damn if they don’t show it off in its best light.

If TJ holds up with the Wicked Wilson, then Wilson holds up with James Brown. The sound is muffled, you’ll just have to turn it up.

Which brings me to my fave Pickett tune, an early version (rarely if ever topped imo) of smooth Philly Soul, a very cool swinging funk.


2 thoughts on “Wilson Pickett

  1. I love Wilson Pickett! Hey Jude is missing Duane Allman, but I’m always happy to watch clips from Tom Jones’ tv show. So far they’re all great.

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