Breaking News! Lord Rockingham Ghostwrote Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices”

This isn’t really breaking news. This link leads to a story from June 2014, but it’s new to me.

Yes, it seems that the Upper Crust’s Lord Rockingham, an Upper Crust member in 1995 through 1997, wrote Hard Choices, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s inside look at the choices and challenges she has made and faced.

But not Bernie Sanders.

The linked story has some clips, but let’s add one more. h/t to Cindy Brolsma.

As if that’s not enough, there is a surprise Upper Crust documentary, that features plenty of Ted Widmer, aka Lord Rockingham.

I’ve just started it, but, um, it is called Let Them Eat Rock!


6 thoughts on “Breaking News! Lord Rockingham Ghostwrote Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices”

  1. I like the career consistency: defending the ruling class. What model is the white Gibson? Looks like an SG but only has one pickup. It has great snarl. These guys are loads better than those other hair bands. It takes a wig. Gene Simmons call your office.

  2. Wow. So, let me get this straight. . .the guy who’s the lead singer in these videos (first and second album Upper Crust):

    a) isn’t in the band anymore, therefore you didn’t see him in NYC a few months ago, Peter


    b) is Hillary’s ghostwriter?

    He was the best guy. I also remember reading a youtube comment from some guy who said the singer (that would be Ted) once beat up his friend at a gig.

  3. So, no, the lead singer in the video I posted was the Duc du Stortion. That may not be the right spelling. It was driving the spell check wild. I saw him in NY.

    But the guy featured in the beginning in the documentary about the Crust is Ted Widmer, who was Lord Rockingham from 95 to 97, and ghost wrote Hillary’s book.

  4. LOL. The Dolls meet Robespierre meet AC/DC (did they get those threads from the Left Banke?).

    Seriously, tho, these guys crank it. Funny, too. Methinks smart, too, which is always a good thing.

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