Vegan Black Metal Chef

This is proof of something. I mean, it’s a pretty funny concept for a one off thing, but this guy has made at least 18 shows! Who’s watching? Or is it listening? Or maybe reading? I want to try the tahini thing he does in this one, “turning bitter brown shit into a creamy white paste!” It sure does seem like a mistake to finish this dish off with a jar of sauce, when a can of crushed tomatoes would make it your own.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Black Metal Chef

  1. This is just wrong. First of all, you don’t saute with low/medium heat. But then come the abominations I expect from Black Metal: chili powder and tomato sauce from a jar. It’s videos like this that gave Tipper Gore the ammunition she needed. No culture can survive such polarization. Peter Kreutzer is a subversive. I’m telling, and he’s gonna get it.

    • I think he was saying medium low heat, which is fine for making a mushy sauce. That isn’t how you saute for Chinese food, for sure. Yes sauce from a jar and chili powder are abominations! And I am not one with Tipper Gore, oh no.

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