Schadenfreude Turns Funny

I have been listening to some new stuff (Mountain Goats, Built to Spill) of late along with some older stuff (Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd) and was sifting through time and thoughts trying to figure out what to post when the awful song, A Young Girl, by Noel Harrison popped into my mental playlist.

I hated that song then and it seemed perfect to post here under awful songs. so I went to trusty YouTube and found a pretty good clip of the song from the TV show Hullaballoo (which featured Petula Clark hosting).

Truth is the song was not as horribly awful as I remembered, but in the process I found this great Smothers Brothers clip that seems so perfect as we anticipate the Donald Trump/Ben Carson/Carly Fiorina Show/debate later tonight.

This is the Brothers at their political core and best, but Harrison is really pretty good, and all this reminded me that Rex Harrison’s progeny was also on the TV series The Girl From U.N.C.L.E..

Anyway, the “I told you so superior thoughts” that went with the sarcasm I planned for A Young Girl sort of dissipated and this is what you get.

For the archivists, here is the hit, that now reminds me of the great 1985 film by Agnes Varda, Vagabond.


3 thoughts on “Schadenfreude Turns Funny

  1. That’s funny, Steve.

    So was the Smothers Brothers show.

    Agnes Varda’s Vagabond is a great movie, but not funny. And features the same French trees as the cover of Elvis Costello and the Attractions’ album “Goodbye Cruel World,” though I can’t find the image (so, I could be wrong).

    If you buy the reissue of Goodbye Cruel World dvd Costello, in the liner notes, says, “Thanks, You’ve just bought my worst record.”

    I certainly thought that at the time, what weird production, but I hear this protest song and all I hear is beautiful coruscation and brilliant satire. I didn’t like the “spaceman in the white house” line, but it is catchy.

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