Afternoon Snack: Roxy Music, “Prarie Rose” meets Talking Heads, “The Big Country”

I cannot same that I am as crazy about Roxy as my mate Gene, but I do indeed love them, their sound, and a shitload of their songs.

I have my loves–Out of the BlueVirginia Plain, and All I want is You–but Prarie Rose has something to it that pushes beyond being just a favorite Roxy tune.

Aside from being just a wonderful piece of music and lyric, their are links to both Talking Heads (The Big Country) and Big Country’s In a Big Countrythat line being core to Roxy first.

Here are the Heads, live in a song that sort of has that great feel between driving and laid back thanks to great drumming laying down that fantastic groove.

Here is Roxy from a few years back, and though the hand held IPhone camera is way shaky, the audio is pretty good, and Phil Manzanera just fucking kills his solo even if we cannot really see him (check the video behind Ferry and I think that is a simulcast?)

Stuart Adamson’s fine Big Country band will be saved for another day!

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack: Roxy Music, “Prarie Rose” meets Talking Heads, “The Big Country”

  1. I’ve seen ’em live four times and they never played Prairie Rose, which is another of my very favorite Roxy tunes. One of the telltale signs of a truly great band is that your faves keep changing. And that’s a good Heads tune too. Thank you for posting.

  2. This one is so good in so many ways. There are very few drummers who can beat with Paul Thomson. And without being obvious the song showcases the whole band. And I mean, “growing potatoes by the score,” can’t get any better than that.

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