Fun No Fun live

Nicky uncovered this video, one of our last gigs, at the Chase Lounge on 3rd Ave. and 13th St., on a hot and very late night. We went on at 3:30 AM. I hadn’t thought about the song Bag-dad Bang in a while. Nicky and I had a song called Divorce Party (“Come on everybody, split up!), but when the first Gulf War broke out – broke out my ass, when we attacked – we thought we should write a Political Song. So we didn’t, instead we wrote a Topical Song. I wrote the lyrics in record time, about 10 minutes in one sitting, and they still make me laugh, and since you’ll never understand them, I’m writing them down. It’s the opener on the video:

Coming in under the radar

I got shot right out of the sky

I wound up loaded in a Baghdad dive

The waitress looked at me and said you’re lucky you’re alive

Hey G.I. do you wanna surprise

You know your Uncle Sam lied

I got a thang it’s too too much

Bag-dad bang


She was selling so hard I didn’t know what to think

I said get that umbrella thing outta my drink

I’m serious about euphoria

Taking out Sadam but now I’m in Gomorrah

Hey G.I. take a look in my eyes, would I lie to you?

Now you can think, or you can drink

Bag-dad bang


C.I.A. trying to prove I’m a spy

In the house of pain I’m just another guy

Accusation’s untrue but it hurts

They think I wanna be a Colonel Kurtz

Hey G.I. I heard about that guy

He really knows how to fly

You like ’em pink?

Whadda Drink

Bag-dad bang

I was pissed off at this gig because my amp wasn’t loud enough and it hurts my tone, but what the hell. I hope you like it.



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  1. Thank you. I am very game, Lawr, all I need to do is figure out a way to make a living without working…If you stick it out till the end, we do a version of Shine a Light that’s pretty good, he said modestly.

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