Yuck, “Get Away”

More than most of my friends here, I’m a fan of 90s indie rock. I think Pavement is major, I dig Beck, have a fondness for Bettie Seveert and the Pixies and many others.

Yesterday I read about this English band called Yuck. Good name!

And not exactly bad music, but just outright copying of music that was made 20 some odd years ago. If you are 15 years old now and into rock and heard this, I can’t argue against that. This is indie rock that sounds pretty great and fuzzy.

But on the other hand, this sound is all about marketing. It sold once, it will sell again. It peddles nostalgia to those who aren’t old enough to realize that this stuff was all done before.

In fact, you can Google Yuck and find their songs. Here’s a Bettie Seveert song instead.

3 thoughts on “Yuck, “Get Away”

  1. Lots of good MUSIC in the 90’s but most of the singers drive me nuts with their WHINING. I think Dinosaur Jr, is a rocking guitar band with great songs. And the guy’s got a good voice too, at least he doesn’t ONLY whine. When he groans it’s OK. I blame Seattle.

  2. I liked Dinosaur Jr a lot tho I always heard J. Macsis was a whack job. Like Bette Servette as well, in fact saw them in a little club open for Buffalo Tom (another fun 90’s band).

    Like both these cuts.

  3. I always liked their cover of “Show Me The Way” but it doesn’t sound as good when I listen to it today as I remember.

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