This Guy Hates Jack White…

And he explains why. He doesn’t go on too long about it, either. And I think he nails it, though he could have said more and been even more right. Like, how come all those White Stripe tunes have all those tempo changes, which mean they’re not much good for dancing or getting down to it on the bedroom floor? But this guy says enough.

Not sure it makes sense to blame Jack for this (which is growing on me after a few listens):

3 thoughts on “This Guy Hates Jack White…

  1. Yeah, that makes sense. Have to admit, I don’t turn off Jack White when I hear him on the radio, but, ya know, there is no reason to listen when Sonny Boy II can be heard, or Slim Harpo or Elmore James. Forget about Muddy or the Wolf.

  2. I’m lost on the Jack White shit. I like Jack White and The White Stripes just fine though. Jack’s kinda samey but his stuff is far, far, far, far, far from the worst new stuff out there. Give me the second Raconteurs album for the best thing he’s ever done.

    As for “Read My Mind,” I’m no sap, but what a nice little haunting chord progression. Johnny Cash’s version seriously gives me chills.

  3. I didn’t know the Johnny Cash version, or ignored it because the music has the Lightfoot prettiness. Cash’s vocals are ragged and excellent, but is betrayed a bit by that prettiness. And Young’s spare version is pretty great. I like the way dark songs like this could be dressed up as pop tunes, if the melody worked, but man oh man is this a sad song.

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