The Senders, Radar Love (with UPDATE)

I’m sure this video does these die hards a disservice, but it also defines the problem of rocking but maybe not being all that original.

The Senders were considered New York’s best bar band. At some point. That’s not a bad thing, especially when the PBR and Cosmos are flowing.

And it doesn’t mean they didn’t rock in their day, though this is weak.

So, Radar Love. By the Senders.

UPDATE: This is not the New York City band called the Senders. This is a Rhode Island band called The Senders, who have been playing out and around for more than 25 years, which is pretty cool. But they’re not the best bar band in the world. Or New York City.

One thought on “The Senders, Radar Love (with UPDATE)

  1. This is not the Senders, or rather it’s a different Senders. No Phillipe Marcade or anyone else I recognize and I knew them, or I knew Richie Lure anyway, who was Walter Lure’s brother and the Senders’ bass player. Richie and I had the same girlfriend at different times. We played the CBGB Johnny Thunders memorial show with them. Here are the real Senders:

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