Peter Wolf, Tragedy

Screenshot 2015-06-07 01.05.03This is a live video recorded on, maybe, an iPhone a couple of years ago. It got me thinking about what a Remnant is. The first two J Geils Band albums are great, and the next three were hugely popular. This is a guy who had Mick Jagger singing backup vocals on one of his solo records, and is still playing out, in smaller venues.

He’s put together what sounds like a pretty fine band, and is entertaining fans now more than 40 years after the debut J Geils Band album. More power to him, for sure. A classic and a remnant, at once.

5 thoughts on “Peter Wolf, Tragedy

  1. Choosing this song was also a little click bait. It sounds, from the subject, that something awful has happened to the wildly beloved Peter Wolf. It’s like the time everyone ignored Warren Buffett’s advice. Tragedy.

  2. Is there an album from this band? I like them. Looks like Wild Bill Thompson from The Senders on guitar, which would fit, but you know how all these old white guys look the same.

  3. Also a big fan of the J. Geils Band back in the day — Full House was a go-to party record in college (and Bluestime, with Jay Geils and Magic Dick). The most amazing thing about Peter Wolf that I’m aware of was that he was once married to Faye Dunaway. Man, was I envious!

  4. So true on both counts, Mike. At the show Peter and I saw at the AOM, we could see Faye bopping just off stage. In my high school days it wasn’t a party until the JGB hit the turntable.

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