Rolling Stones, Loving Cup (1969)

I’m not clear about the origins of this track. It may be Mick Taylor’s audition. It dates from 1969 and what you hear in the left track is Keith. The piano player, most important, is Nicky Hopkins. The guitar in the right track is Mick Taylor.

It’s a great raw version of a great song years before it ended up in a great version on elpee. Can’t get enough…

2 thoughts on “Rolling Stones, Loving Cup (1969)

  1. Interesting that the words were almost whole in 1969, and the tiny changes were of course for the better. Jagger doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his lyrics. Many of the words of his mighty contemporaries Dylan and the Beatles have dated and paled and even evaporated, while Mick’s stand taller than ever. Must have something to do with that ol’ worldly wisdom, and the demon life that’s got them in its sway. From the same period, killer organ by Billy Preston:

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