6 thoughts on “Buzzcocks, Harmony In My Head

  1. I had the singles before they were going steady. But if you set aside Spiral Scratch (the true recorded origin of the band), it started with Another Music in a Different Kitchen, still one of the best punk/pop/rock LPs, right up there with that first Clash and DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED. Still have my PRODUCT bag. Steve Shelley was recently interviewed on WFMU. Utterly sweet guy, barely realizes how important his band was/is to some of us. I love the band, and yet…I’ve never heard them live. Drove to a show c.1983 in Santa Monica, but got there too late.

  2. Never saw the Buzzcocks – and I don’t remember if I had the chance. However, I own a rather faded Buzzcocks tee shirt that I bought in the $1 at Rasputin Records in Berkeley in 1981.

  3. I never saw the Buzzcocks either – and I don’t remember if I had the chance either.

    Don’t know that I liked them quite as much as others did and I lost interest shortly after the “Singles” album came out. “Orgasm Addict” will probably always be the gem for me.

    I remember my friends and I laughing about the Buzzcocks because the drummer would play the same fill over and over again.

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