Bob Mould, Tomorrow Morning and Kid With a Crooked Face

I missed this loud performance of new songs on David Letterman last February. There is something tonic in hearing this much noise on mainstream TV, even if Mould’s melodies are so narrow that it’s hard to tell where one song starts and the other begins.

And that bass solo sounds a little too much like the theme from Friends for comfort, but the rest is as comfortably loud as Danzig on Mothers Day.

2 thoughts on “Bob Mould, Tomorrow Morning and Kid With a Crooked Face

  1. 1. Husker Du was a seminal band for me. Their debut “Land Speed Record” was bad (I thought at least). But until “Metal Circus” EP and “Zen Arcade” I never knew melody and dissonance could co-exist so perfectly.

    2. Did you know the dictionary’s first definition of “seminal” is “pertaining to, containing, or consisting of semen”?

    3. Looked it up and I saw the Huskers on 2/8/86 at Elk’s Center (probably a one-off hardcore venue) in Philly. Soul Asylum opened. Tickets were $8.50.

    4. At this point melody and dissonance together has been so goddamn overdone it makes me wanna puke.

    As for this perfomance:

    a) Wonderful full sound for a three-piece.

    b) I haven’t kept up with old Mouldy, but I thought his newer stuff was different. Maybe it was at one time, but this is like Do You Remember? all over again.

  2. I stumbled into the Du as a result of their wonderful “Candy Apple Grey” disc, which is as wonderful a title as is Neil Young’s “Rust Never Sleeps.”

    Always loved the guy, the Du, and I have a disc from his band Sugar.

    This is good, and it tripped the wires Peter and Steve. So, more to come!

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