LINK: Album Covers Suitable for Hanging in a Gallery

Screenshot 2015-05-02 13.39.54I’m not sure about the premise of this slideshow in the Guardian, that these are the album covers that should hang in an art gallery, but it is a good reminder that album covers were an important part of listening to music back in the day of albums.

The big art of an album cover was a message about the product, often a statement about intentions or aesthetic purpose. Or just a lark, but one that connected the artist with the fans.

We lost that when we moved to CDs, and while vinyl sales are up, the vinyl elpee is no longer the face of a musical artist. That image has fractured into many competing versions, each shaped and colored for its particular audience. Which is why I think looking at nice reproductions of these album covers feels so fresh.

One thought on “LINK: Album Covers Suitable for Hanging in a Gallery

  1. I don’t know, Peter. Album art was reduced, but still had a presence with CDs. With downloads, it’s gone. (You told me to do my own CD art for Sheer Mag – huh?)

    Love the Costello dig on the stinky Eagles.

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