Bebeca Garcia, “Accredita Em Mim”

So this Brazilian song sounds like a Stones song that has a completely different arrangement (and obviously Garcia singing in Brazilian is different than Jagger in English). What is that song? I’m blanking right now. But I’m sure in the morning we’ll all get it, unless it was on Metamorphosis.

When we figure it out I’ll post the Stones song, to complete the blend!

4 thoughts on “Bebeca Garcia, “Accredita Em Mim”

  1. Child of the Moon has some of the feel, but isn’t the song I’m hearing in my head. But it’s also a rare Stones song that feels fresh to me. Looking for the song that is the model for Garcia’s (it may actually be a Dylan song, though the band sounds like the Stones), I stumbled across this delightfully underplayed piece of work. A snarling throwaway.

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