The Upper Crust, “Badminton”

Two days to our epic visit to Bowery Electric to see The Upper Crust. They go on at 10:45pm, I’ve learned, if you want to skip the Grannies. #RockRemnantsMeetup

What I know is some folks I’ve played Badminton with will be attending. Though we’ve played croquet and tennis, too. Should be quite a show!

3 thoughts on “The Upper Crust, “Badminton”

  1. This must be third album, because I don’t have it. That riff gets awfully repetitive awfully quickly. Although the lyrics are quite good as is the Crust norm.

    I’ve said this before – the first album is really good. If you can stomach the lack of originality, but love Bon Scott AC/DC, it’s a must-have. The second is OK, but spotty. Never bought the third, because I figured, if the second is an indication, when I crave a third album, I should probably just go play the first one again.

  2. Great lyrics in Badminton. Very funny. And you’re right about the riff. Hope they play that one early, and build. Sorry you won’t make it, but it’s a heckuva drive on a weeknight for a routine show. Now, if it was the Mekons… Or Turbonegro…

  3. I’ve seen the new minus-Hank Turbonegro, so that’s less of a priority. For a reformed Hank Turbonegro or The Hellacopters, I would get on a plane.

    I would go out of my way (no plane though) for The Mekons if they did one of those “album in its entirety” performances of “The Quality Of Mercy.”

    I am officially a pussy.

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