Rock Remants Meet Up! Let them eat rock!

Okay, Lawr and Gene and Tom won’t be here, but this Thursday night, Steve and Peter will be rocking our asses off to the sounds of the Upper Crust at Bowery Electric (which is a place for music in New York City).

In case you don’t know the Upper Crust, here is a clip. More links to come.

2 thoughts on “Rock Remants Meet Up! Let them eat rock!

  1. A gimmick band that sounds like most “real” bands only wish they could.

    Don’t know if I’m gonna make it now. Can’t find a soul to go along with me and I don’t know if I’m willing to jump through all the logistical hoops myself.

    My friends are now all pussies (they’d rather see The Eagles in a nice, comfy seat with a polite crowd for $75 than rock out in a sweaty club for $10). And if I don’t go, so am I to a lesser extent (because if they’d ask me to go, I would).

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