Good Hard Shit

People ask me: hey Gene, how come you never play anything nice, and easy? But there’s just one thing: we never, ever, do nothing nice, and easy. We always do everything nice, and rough. But we’re gonna take the beginning of this song and do it…rough. Then we’re gonna do the end rough. Yeah, that’s the way we do Think, It Ain’t Illegal Yet.

3 thoughts on “Good Hard Shit

  1. These guys play the crap out of everything, which is impressive, but I’m afraid I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the notes. Too many notes. But always impressive.

  2. I think I have mentioned before that I saw Parliament at a Lollapalooza, and they were unquestionably the best and tightest band all day. In fact, they were one of the best, if not the best, live band I have ever seen in terms of overall sound, musicianship, tightness, and simple ability to deliver. They killed and made Smashing Pumpkins and Hole seem like amateurs (and I really love those bands).

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