6 thoughts on “Swans, “Failure”

  1. They used to rehearse in the same studio as Fun No Fun. They did not sound like Failure, they sounded like this, only they were STUPIFYINGLY loud. “Always leave them wanting less.”

  2. The Swans I remember are the ones Gene references, in the heyday of Industrial, which I never got, but one of my friends was way into.

    Now this Peter (Rabbit) song:

    I almost turned it off at 30 seconds, but let it play and, geez, it does get much better, as if “better” is the proper word. I’ve felt a lot like this song the past four years. Two thumbs up.

    Happy Easter, Bunny!

      • I know how you feel. It occurs to me that to see humor in the Swans is a sign of degeneracy, but perhaps the same can be said for the Lego Movie, which I actually saw in the theatre with my son Brenden. He loved it. I thought it needed something more, like maybe a Swans “tune.”

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